Year Of Glory Ministries

Projects For 2014

To Built A House Of Prayer

- To built an official House Of Prayer called Malaysia House Of Prayer (Malaysia      HOPE) and Bidayuh House Of Prayer (Bidayuh HOPE)

- To have 24/7 Prayer House

- Fund needed RM100,000 (USD33,000) 


To Establish A Ministry Office

- To establish an office for Ministries

- Administration and management work can run effectively 

- Fund needed RM50,000 (USD17,000)


To Preach the Gospel

- Share the Gospel in Bible Study or Home Cell

- Share the Gospel in Youth Ministry

- Share the Gospel in Seminars

- Share the Gospel in Churches

- Share the Gospel by distribute tracts or giving gifts

- Share the Gospel where ever God calls


To Give 

- Help ministries and any other purpose to distribute the free Bible

- Help the poor and those who need help

- Give help to the nation that facing problem (disaster, earthquake, tsunami,

  and other) 




+ Year Of Glory Ministries distribute free Bible

   to individuals or ministries that need the Bible.

   Your help and your generous heart is needed to

   make this project is a reality and success.

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