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About Year Of Glory Ministries

"2 To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord .."
                                                         Isaiah 61:2 

Year Of Glory Ministries was founded upon the calling of the Lord before the widespread of H1N1 influenza virus. During the night time prayer the Spirit of the Lord reveal that many people are dying without salvation that was found only in Christ Jesus our Lord. And He also reveal that in the year of 2009 many will be effected by "something uncommon" to the world that I describe as H1N1 influenza virus. Since that time regular intercession for the nations are made for salvation of souls and so that Spirit of the Lord will touch the heart of men.

As to respond to this revelation more time was spend just for prayer and intercession, until God prompt clearly the word "to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord" that was found in Isaiah 61:2.

Year Of Glory Ministries was founded in the year of 2009 as to carry the responsibility in sharing the Gospel to many souls as much as God gave, to touch and transform life.

Let God touch every life and every nations with the Gospel of Salvation about Jesus Christ our Saviour and Lord. Be bless. 



About Founder And Minister

Year Of Glory Ministries was founded by Ayron Baxster who is an independent Christian Minister that serve as an evangelist and a pastor. 

Ministries that Year Of Glory Ministries involved with under the leadership of Evangelist Ayron Baxster,

+ Year Of Glory Ministries 

+ Bidayuh HOPE (Bidayuh House Of Prayer) 

+ Malaysia HOPE (Malaysia House Of Prayer) 

+ Member Of NUWI (Nighttime Unified Warfare Intercession) 

+ Affiliate Member Of Apostle And Prophet Ministries Network 

+ Member And Independent Ordained Christian Minister of National Association Of
   Christian Ministers (N.A.C.M.) 



Testimony Of Hell 

+ I Saw Them In Hell (English - Old Version) 

+ Saya Nampak Mereka Di Neraka (Malaysia / Indonesia) 


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